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Ascent’s Precision Stock Gears are among the finest in the industry.  Here, we have selected drawings of some of our stock items (scroll down for links).  Gears can be produced in these styles from 18 to 300 teeth in most pitches.  Available from 32 to 120 D.P. and 0.8 to 0.2 module, gears from our Precision Stock line should satisfy your requirements for precision instrumentation and motion control.  If you don’t see exactly what you need, simply contact us, and we will be happy to manufacture to your specifications.  Ascent also offers a complete line of clamps and collars, set screws and other hardware, compound gears, and slip clutches. 

bulletAll gears stocked in AGMA Quality #10 or better
bulletAll gears stocked in 20° Pressure Angle, others available
bulletAll aluminum is 2024-T3, -T351, or –T4, anodized before gear cutting per MIL-A-8625, Type I
bulletAll 303 stainless steel is clear passivated per QQ-P-35, Type II
bulletAll hardware is stainless steel
bulletA Certificate of Conformance and/or material certifications are available with all orders

Dimensional tolerances, unless stated otherwise:
3 place decimals:        + .005”
2 place decimals:        + .02
Fractional:                   + 1/64

Spur Gears - Pin Type Hub
Spur Gears - Clamp Type Hub
Spur Gears - Hubless Type
Spur Gears - Clamp Hub Assembly
Spur Gears - Pin Hub Assembly
Anti-Backlash Gears

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